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Financing Locally

What you can expect from financing locally, at Bank of Cushing:

Get your loan at Bank of Cushing and you can expect quick responses to your questions from local loan officers. In most cases, you will receive a loan decision the same day you apply!

Local Decision Making
Our two locations have experienced loan officers that will answer your questions and assist you with filling out your application.

Our loan officers are willing to discuss your application with you, if you desire, and help you understand your current financial situation and credit bureau report.

Respectable Rates and Terms
We are not out to “get” anyone. We are a local community bank that will be in this community tomorrow and beyond. We focus on delivering respectable rates and terms. Do not expect to find excessive late charges, ridiculously small grace periods, or abrupt rate escalations. In addition, if you do have something come up during your loan repayment, come in and talk with us so we may discuss some options that are available to you.

Local Servicing
We make and continue to service our loans. One of the most underestimated things to consider when choosing where to finance your needs is what actually happens after the loan is made. It is easy to understand which interest rate is lower when considering financing options but what about service. We at Bank of Cushing will continue to be your point of contact even after we have made your loan. You can continue to ask questions of your loan officer all the way through the life of your loan; and if you are considering multiple options ask us to quantify the costs of the solutions for you. We can shed some light into what, exactly, a change in interest rate means to you over the life of your loan.